I was looking for people to help me purchase of a TV and one of those drinks with a fancy umbrella.  As much as I discourage advertising, these sponsors are proud to be a part of this silly website. 

Not only did they sponsor, but they also made a $4.00 Donation to the Elephant Dung Research Center.  The Elephants Thank You.

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Dance Clothing
R Us
Weight Listeners
Ed's Moo Tex
Roach Motel
Shifty Eddies
Honest Auto Repair
Fidel Castro
Ed's Porno Pet Shop
Ed's All New Buffered Aspirin Substitude
Discount Hospital
Ed's Tv
Repair Service
Shoplift Emporium
Ed's No
More Trouble
Ed's Reconditioned   Worthless Dohickey Store

Ed's Mouthwash
Cola Soda Pop
Ed's Bank
Ed's House
of Bad Food
Ed's House
of Excuses
Ed's 24-Hour
Gas Station
Ed's Almost
Good Beer
Ed's House
of Politicians
Dr. Jack Kevorkian Die Now Death Clinic
Ed's Nice & Friendly Loan Shark Service
Ed's Furball Palace
Ed's Chaw Mouthwash
Savings & Laundry
Ed's Deeper
Dish Pizza
The Missing Ed
Shifty Ed's
Homebody Checks
Ed's New
Dietetic Cold Cream
Travel Service
Uncle Al's Italian Autobody, Paint, & Pizza Shop.

Right Tackle
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember that ...

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