ADDED:  Aug 26, 2019
FunnyNews: Man Arrested Breaking in and caught in a Onesie...
Dumb Criminals:  Drunk Driver Bets Cops...

ADDED:  Aug 27, 2019
FunnyNews:  Inmate Caught Having Naughty Time in...

ADDED:  Sep 07, 2019
Funny News  Dad helps give birth, then POW, takes a pizza to the face...
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"Ed's New Dietetic Cold Cream"
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Radio Demos:  This Section is specifically for Professional GM's & PD's

ADDED:  Sep 09, 2019
MoviesAirplane Funny One Liners

ADDED:  Sep 17, 2019
Funny Answering Machine MessagesOutgoing answering machine messages

ADDED:  Sep 18, 2019
Funny HeadlinesThe Pigeons are Pooping

ADDED:  Sep 19, 2019
MoviesSmokey & the Bandit
MoviesPolice Academy

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ADDED:  Sep 23, 2019
Funny NewsCamel's testicles Were bitten by a woman at a
                     Louisiana truck Stop petting zoo.

ADDED:  Sep 25, 2019
FunnyNews: Teenager Charged For Domestic Tomato Assualt

ADDED:  Sep 26, 2019
Radio Demos: Air Check "Dance TraX Friday Night"  (Set 1 of 12 TT: 17:18)

ADDED:  Sep 27, 2019
Radio Demos: Air Check "Thirst for Knowledge Thursday"  (Set 1 of 12 TT: 28:30)

ADDED:  Sep 28, 2019   ****NEW SECTION*****
Bad Dates:  These are a few bad dates.  Contact the Mothership and send me your stories.

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All About MeMe: 5 Added MeMe's

ADDED:  Aug 29, 2019
All About MeMe: 1 Added MeMe's

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