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I Do Not use Social Networks Ö
  1. They Promote HATE
  2. They Promote TERRORISM
  3. They Promote Disinformation
  4. They Steal your Material
  5. They Disable your Account if they donít like you.
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I call upon businesses to get rid of the Social Networks, especially Farcebook or Twatter, for your business.

When Social Networks disable your account, you will have to spend an enormous amount of Money to reimage your business in Legal & Print, not to mention the frustration you will get from your Social Networks, in an attempt to retrieve your account from them.

If you Social Networks, then you are like playing Russian Rolette with your Busines, Good Luck With That.
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I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember Ö
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Dont Use Social Networks
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