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Evening Zoo in the Country Radio Demo
Earl Pitts Talks Immigration
The Evening Zoo in the Country starts like this...Kinda... Cory Daniels and Un-predictable Co-Host Jack Daniels, absolutely no Relation, re-imaged the Evening Zoo in the Country which played on Radio Stations including, but not limited to Terrestrial Radio Stations, NOT INTERNET, there is a HUGE difference.

The stations we broadcast to are Terrestrial Radio Stations include, but not limited to, WLRE (Eloree/Santee SC,) FM88 (Australia,) 98.7 (Canada) and others.
With my experience in Country, Oldies, and Christian formats I will be able to customize to your format and time. Weekends are a great fill in for free.

The show is dependant on the honor system. If you like it, you donate, our main focus is on Small Market Radio Stations. Try it out, that will give you a chance to see how the show works in your broadcast area and in most cases we will help you sell and promote.

Plus when you try it out, keep in mind the countless Medical and other Insurance problems that you will no longer have.
Until next time, remember…

Copy Writing prohibited by Law
Action Figures Sold Separately
Batteries Not Included
Not Available With Any Other Offer
Void Where Prohibited

The Last One To Leave Please Turn Out The Lights
Until Next Time, Remember to Control The Human Population, Have Your Spouse Spade or Neutered.

~Cory the Head FunnyFooger

FunnyFooger, "Come to Life. Be a FunnyFooger."
The Evening Zoo in the Country DEMO is a combination of several airchecks, from several stations. Some content in the DEMO may not fit your station, but no need to worry because I can make it work for your audience.
Evening Zoo in the Country Press Kit Cassette Demo Image
Demo TT: 4:30
Click Here
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember …
"We Are All the Same!"
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