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Bad Dates
Funny T-shirts - The fact that your an adult is ... Funny T-shirts - Another fine day ruined by responsibility Funny T-Shirts - Well that's not a good sign. Funny T-shirts - I'm an adult, not like a real adult.
Bad Pickup Lines
Bar Jokes
Funny T-shirts - I told myself that I should stop drinking, But I'm not about to listen  to a drunk that talks too himself. Funny T-shirts - People in sleeping bags are soft tacos for bears. Funny T-shirts - I draw cartoons Funny T-shirts - I was me, It let the dogs out.
Blonde Jokes
Divorce Humor
Funny T-shirts - Drunk O Meter Funny T-shirts - Duct Tape, it can't fix stupid. Funny T-shirts - I never dreamed that one day I'd become a grumpy old but here I am.  Killing it. Funny T-shirts - If guns kill people, I guess PENCILS misspell  words, CARS drive drunk & SPOONS make people fat.
Drunk Texts
Dumb Criminals
Dumb Laws
Funny T-shirts - The fact that there is  HIGHWAY TO HELL and only a STAIRWAY TO Heaven says a lot about anticipated  traffic number Funny T-shirts - I might look like I'm doing nothing ... But in my head I'm quite busy. Funny T-shirts - If I was a Jedi, THERE'S 100% chance I would use the force inappropriately. Funny T-shirts - I've reached the AGE ... where my BRAIN has ...
Earl Pitts Talks Immigration
Funny Headlines
Funny T-shirts - If I am ever on Life Support ... Funny T-shirts - My wife say I don't listen ... I think... Funny T-shirts - You know that LITTLE THING ... Funny T-shirts - I do whatever the voices tell me too.
Funny T-Shirts
Funny Signs
Funny T-shirts - I'm with them and we're both nuts. Funny T-shirts - If your Offended, I'll help you pack. Funny T-shirts - Patience:  it's what you have when there are many witnesses Funny T-shirts - I don't like making plans for the day ...
Mafia Babies
Ronald Reagan
Funny T-shirts - Save the Chubby Unicorn
Spoof Horoscopes
Funny T-shirts - Relax, we're all crazy, it'sa not a competion Funny T-shirts - I'm only responsible for what I say, not for ... Funny T-shirts - I'm a second hand Vegetarian ...
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funnyfooger001001.png Funny T-shirts - Wooden Spoon Survivor. Funny T-shirts - I do whatever the ... Funny T-shirts - Four out of Five Voice ...
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember
"We Are All the Same!"
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