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 Earl Pitts, American has been entertaining hundreds of thousands of people daily with his legendary commentaries heard on radio stations across the country since 1985.

For the most part - he's just like you.
(That is - if you entertained
hundreds of thousands of people daily
with radio commentaries. ) He works
 in a factory by day....and picks up shifts
at The Duck Inn Bar at night to make
ends meet. Meanwhile - his family - wife Pearl and kids, Earl Junior and Sandra Dee keep pushing his ends farther apart. (Wow - except for that radio thing - this is your life!).

Earl's buddies, Dub and Junior Meeker, and Runt Wilson will never be mistaken for MENSA members. In fact - they probably couldn't even spell 'MENSA'. Earl's 14-year old son is getting over a break-up after a two year relationship with his teacher....and Earl's daughter has been in her room crying for the last three years after Homeland Security arrested her fiance in the middle of their wedding.

And what can you say about Earl's wife Pearl? Some people hit the lottery in life - and find the perfect life companion, an extension of their own soul. Others marry people like Pearl. Enough said.

In other words - it's your typical American life. And it all contributes to Earl's unique take on the world around him.
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I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember
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