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Bad Dates
Drug Dealer shows off the Fast Cash
Credit Card Theft
Bad Pickup Lines
Dumb Criminals - Credit Card Theft... Dumb Criminals - Drug dealer shows off the cash ...
Bar Jokes
Blonde Jokes
Divorce Humor
For Sale:
Blonde Passport
Boy Photos the Crop
Drunk Texts
Dumb Criminals - Blonde Passport for sale ... Dumb Criminals -Boy photos the crop ...
Dumb Criminals
Dumb Laws
Don't send the police your speeding ...
Go ahead siphon that gas from the ...
Earl Pitts Talks Immigration
Dumb Criminals -Guy siphons gas from ... Dumb Criminals - Don't send the police your ...
Funny Headlines
Funny T-Shirts
Funny Signs
Man drives
stolen car to court.
NH Cops aren't buying this excuse ...
Mafia Babies
Dumb Criminals - Man drives stolen car ... Dumb Criminals - NH Cops aren't being this excuse ...
Ronald Reagan
Spoof Horoscopes
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Drug dealer
calls 911 to report ...
Judge tells
defendant he cant ...
funnyfooger001001.png Dumb Criminals - Drug dealer calls 911 ... Dumb Criminals - Judge tells defendant he can't ...
Drive the gataway car with gas ...
Man tries to
rob bank during ...
Dumb Criminals - Drive the Gateway car make sure ... Dumb Criminals - Man tries to rob a bank but forgets ...
Drunk Driver
offered Cops Bet ...
Suspect hiding
calls cops to ...
Dumb Criminals - Drunk driver offers cops ... Dumb Criminals - Suspect gets caught in the ...
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember
"We Are All the Same!"
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