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Bad Dates
My Ex Stalked
Me At Work ...
Cambodian Couple Split Assets ...
Bad Pickup Lines
Ex Stalked me at work ... Cambodian Couple split assets ...
Bar Jokes
Blonde Jokes
Who gets
the Costco Card ...
Don't hide
the Money ...
Divorce Humor
Who gets custody of the ... Don't hide the ...
Drunk Texts
Dumb Criminals
Husband, Freind,
& the Undead ...
She Bathed Once ...
Dumb Laws
Husband, Freind, ... She bathed once ...
Earl Pitts Talks Immigration
Polly wanna
to Tell the ...
She was
possessed by ...
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Funny T-Shirts
Polly wanna tell the ... She was Possessed ,,,
Funny Signs
doesn't mean...
When Jewish ...
Mafia Babies
Ronald Reagan
Offshore does not mean ... Christmas in a Jewish family ...
Spoof Horoscopes
I want my
heart back ...
All is Fun & Games until you ...
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funnyfooger001001.png All fun and games until ... I want my heart back ...
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember
"We Are All the Same!"
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