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Bad Dates
I write these and spend allot of doing it. Please read not steal. If you do steal I will send Vinnie, Lock up the Liquor, He's a Mean Drunk
Bad Pickup Lines
Bar Jokes
Schiff-LookMonkey Jesus-Demoncraps Sad-Hillary Sanders-BatShitCrazy Biden-LittleCrowd Scorsesse-Falls-Sleep-Oscars
Blonde Jokes
Pelosi-Emotional-Support-Turtle BradPitt-HasNo-Personlity Obamas-Losers Bide-Hunter-Chuckle-Cheese Public-Tacos
Divorce Humor
Drunk Texts
Trump-PelosiWetHerself Pelosi-Stupid4thGrde Pelosi-Impeach-KimJun Trump-Matlock Trump-Lightning_Zipper Hillary-Obama-Blue-Pants
Dumb Criminals
Dumb Laws
Obama-ForestGump Biden-Electric JoeBidenMicrowaveTherapy NancyPelosi-DrunkAgain Nancy-CrossingGuard Nancy-Bully
Earl Pitts Talks Immigration
Funny Headlines
Bill-Fart Fat-Demoncrap Nancy-Zipper Millennial Nancy-Botox Nancy-Pelosi-Is-Trailer-Trash
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Clinton-Lewinsky Hillary-MiddleFinger Nancy-Fridge Nancy-Fridge Nancy-Woods Tree-Forrest
Mafia Babies
Ronald Reagan
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Booker-Dukes YofiBear-CNN Schumar-Shutup Nancy-Stick CNN-YogiBear Schiff-PilosiAgain
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funnyfooger001001.png Nancy-Little Peels Trump-BestPresident Fish-Crabs Add_Friend Schiff-Bet-God Schiff_Away_w_it Short-Bus Trump-ISIS Schiff-Honest Racist-Jeffersons Trump-Golf Hillary-Satan Hillary-Insult Nancy-Lipstick Millie-Jail Trmp=decoder-rng NacyChuck-Trunk Bill Clinton Shows How Stupid he IS Cops Toilet Stolen Bill Clinton Looking up Hillary's Ass for Her Brain Parent of the Year Batman Stop Left at Conception Poker Game Last Night Hillary Clinton the Nazi Baby you Da Bomb Democrat Holding Up a Person on the Street Democrat Victim Safe Center Robert Dumbniro is an IDIOT Hillary's Excuse Wheel Nancy and Hunter Smoke Crack Girl can't figure out why she matches the bathroom wall Millie Prison Bus Police have toilet stolen. Millie Yell University Trump Schiffs Himself Schumer Victim Card,, Victim Card Smurfs smoking pot. President Trump ISIS becomes WARSAW Michael Moron escaped Satan. Big cat about to be dropped. Bank robber uses cable bill to rob a bank. Son was inmate of the month If you love someone, let them go, Peter Griffin wants his sharpie back. Peter Griffin compliments the insulters. All About MeMe - Racial Profiling Early Hillary Clinton takes a village. All About MeMe's - Parenting You  Millie Child Sponge Bob Yo Mama Joke Man has Dinky Do Disease All About MeMe's - Hillary Clinton for Prison Bugs Bunny Bald Don't make me do things, Where to bury Husband I like you so I'll make this quick and easy. Twins due date. Would you do it for a Klondike Bar? Wife Catching Husband with Golf Clubs in Bed Equal Rights Gone Horribly Wrong Horse jumps from window during the Impeachment hearings Guy parody about missing makeup Millie moving out without the Legal Trump Build the Wall All About MeMe - Adam Schiff forgot his Med's Nancy with the Decoder Ring All About MeMe - Trump Build this Wall All About MeMe - Trump flushing Schiff All About MeMe - Trump tells Schiffs Mom to hold her water All About MeMe - Hostility on Impeachment Grows ... Pug-Save_Self All About MeMe - Nancy here's a Magic trick ... All About MeMe - God forgot men had Nipples All About MeMe - Obama Spent Taxpayers Change All About MeMe - Tri-Sexual (Chickens, Goats and Sheep) All About MeMe - Nancy Pissonme has Bad Genes All About MeMe - Anonymous Source
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember
"We Are All the Same!"
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