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About Me - Dancing Babies
You see that picture, that's not me, I look
better in a diaper (SPOILER). The good
news is that...mmm....mmm...ahh hell.... I got
nothing and I tried so hard, what do you
expect? I was a victim of PUBLIC SCHOOL.

If your reading this, I'm so sorry for you. But, since your here, you might as well look at all this crap.

I wanted to be a lot of things when I grew up, whenever that is...

...First, I thought it's either this or be an airline pilot, that idea sort of crashed...

...Then I thought Doctor, but I had no patience...

...Then I thought, I wanted to publish my "World Domination," Dossier and Recruit Morons who really think this is real."

...Then I thought I really am thinking to much about this.....I'd stop all these voices, but they have so many damn good ideas.

.….Now I think the Microphone is chasing me...oh wait...that was because of the party last night, oops, got the two confused, again with the voices.

Don't forget, if you donate to FunnyFooger, I give $2.00 to the
Elephant Dung Research Center. At FunnyFooger, I recognize
the importance of helping elephants with the very common problem
of constipation.

Until next time, remember…

Copy Writing prohibited by Law
Action Figures Sold Separately
Batteries Not Included
Not Available With Any Other Offer
Void Where Prohibited

The Last One To Leave Please Turn Out The Lights
Until Next Time, Remember to Control The Human Population, Have Your Spouse Spade or Neutered.

~Cory Daniels, the Head FunnyFooger

FunnyFooger, "Come to Life. Be a FunnyFooger."
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I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember …
"We Are All the Same!"
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