The Elephants have a problem that weighs allot on them.  The Research center will try to develop new medication and other ways to help the elephants relax and feel the relief of a 50 pound poop.  AHHH, that's relief.

Right now when you give to FunnyFooger, I will donate $2.00 to this incredibly stupid idea of the Elephant Dung Research Center.  The Elephants thank you.

See the paragraph below for more information about the problem with Elephant Constipation.

How would you treat an elderly patient with stubborn constipation who can't tell you what's working and who, by the way, weighs more than 3 tons?

Meet Ruth, a 58-year-old Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at Buttonwood Park Zoo, in New Bedford, Mass. She's feeling a lot lighter these days after the removal of a complete gastrointestinal obstruction and accompanying ileus that left her anorexic for three days and unable to pass stool for a week.

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