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Gnarly 80's
The best view is with a desktop or a tablet. I'm Working on the rest, but I need your money.
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Bad Dates
You are now being monitored by the CIA, DEA, PETA, DOJ, FBI, IE ... IE … O, and Sometimes the Irish Sneak in.
Bad Pickup Lines
Bar Jokes
I could add more and more features to the site, but you have to stop being so CHEAP. It takes allot of money to be funny. For example, there's the Escort bill, not to mention our crack habit, unless your with the DEA, then you never saw that.

Don't forget when you visit FunnyFooger, I will donate
$2.00 to the Elephant Dung Research Center. This is a very
big problem that weighs like a ton on the elephants’ in mind...
"when will I poop again?"

Secondly, this is a website of all humor, some good, some bad, some real ugly. It's important to know that everything posted here are just that, jokes. If you are too sensitive, I suggest you go to your safe place, located in the murder free zone, on Dumb Ass St, across from Moron Mall.
If you see something here you don't like, send me an e-mail and I will reply saying words that will destroy your self-esteem….OR….Your second option is to send me $20.00 for a removal processing fee, $100.00 for my emotional DER-ess, just because you had to take it down.

Finally, I write or compile this stuff from over 20 years on several Terrestrial Radio Broadcast Stations, NOT INTERNET, real radio. So, if you steal any or all of this, I will send Vinnie, LOCK up the Liquor he’s a mean drunk. PLUS, it’s just WRONG.
Blonde Jokes
Divorce Humor
Drunk Texts
Dumb Criminals
Dumb Laws
Earl Pitts Talks Immigration
Funny Headlines
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Funny Signs
Mafia Babies
Ronald Reagan
I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter and as you read all this wonderful insight, please remember …
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"We Are All the Same!"
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About Me
You see that picture dancing in the corner, that's Not me, I look better in ...
I believe it's important for everyone to have people. I have a ...
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Divorce Humor
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I was looking for some people to help me purchase a ...
If I want to get married again, I'll find the next ...
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